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Edward Steiner is an old man of many professions. He is best known as the author of "Phantom Dust" and the owner of the AMS Bank. He is later revealed to be the leader of an organization called PHALANX, whose ultimate goal is to co-exist with Silent. He was also Ray's mentor.

History Edit

I. Pre-History Edit

He become successful in many fields, from finance to literature. He runs the AMS Bank, though it was done as a hobby and a means to pay for school. He also writes a series of books, one of them being "Phantom Dust".

When he discovered that existence of Shinen and Silents, he created an organization called PHALANX. His plan was to have people co-exist with Silent in order to achieve great power. However, one of his pupils, Ray Patière, was against the idea. The student left the group and create his own group to stop Silent, which came to be known as FORT.

As time past, Edward expanded his secret organization. He uses all forms of skills to persuade or trick people in joining him. One of the people manipulated into his group was Hibiki Kiryu.

During his planning, he also continues his work in the finance business and literary world. He also writes to a penpal he met for years.

II. 21 Days with Atsuki Saijo Edit

In Chapter 5, Edward arrived in Kisaragi City. Besides conducting his plans for people and Silent to co-exist, he was also looking forward to meeting his penpal in his bookstore, Tohodo. As he was searching for it, he ran into Atsuki. The old man asked him for directions to the place, which the young man complied. The elder explains his reason for looking for the place and leaves for the bookstore. There, he meets his penpal in person, who is revealed to be Ryo. The two began talking about different topics. They also planned on holding a lecture about the former's book.

In Chapter 6, Edward and Ryo were talking over the former's job in as head of the AMS Bank. During the discussion, they ran into Atsuki outside the AMS Bank. As Ryo introduced Atsuki, the old man recognized the newcomer as the same boy who helped him with finding Tohodo. They explained to him about their discussion and invited the boy to the lecture.

In Chapter 7, Edward held a lecture about his book, "Phantom Dust", in Ryo's bookstore at 8 pm. Among those who attended his lecture are A

Trivia Edit

  • According to Unami Ryo, Edward has over ten jobs at the same time. He listed that among them are scientist and historian.
  • According to Edward, he has a bad sense of directions, which explains why he has problems locating Ryo's bookstore.