Hibiki Kiryu
[ Statistics ]






None (Deceased)




172 cm


55 kg


Kenji Nojima (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)


High school student, makes money from stocks

Hibiki Kiryu (桐生ヒビキ) is a student at Kisaragi High School, and a classmate of Atsuki.


Hibiki comes back to school halfway through the game after studying abroad. He is a telepath who also has "Σ" (Sigma) powers like Atsuki. He is best friends with Ryo Unami, and constantly worries for him. His caretaker is the nurse Honoka Hino. He lives in Area 5 and is watched closely by FORT, especially after he uses his powers to stop Yamato from shooting students at the high school.

After the confrontation between himself, Liu Yee and Edward, he is left in a coma. Depending on the player's actions, he will either wake up and survive or be killed in the hospital by Honoka.

Game's DescriptionEdit

A junior at Kisaragi High School and Atsuki’s classmate. Wavy short hair. Was overseas studying but came back suddenly. Maybe a telepath. In junior high [he] was already reading high school textbooks. Like Shinji, [he] was making money on stocks. A real hard worker. Great in math, Yamato’s favorite student. Went overseas at Yamato’s suggestion, but he doesn't like Yamato. [He] has scary eyes. Getting infected by Silent to gain telepathic powers? He’s sacrificing his body for this. Does he even realize it? Finally he realizes the true way of using his powers: helping people. [He] did a great job. He’s finally realized the importance of the power to control people’s minds. He’ll do well in life.