Honoka Hino
[ Statistics ]






Parents, sister




168 cm


50 kg




Kisaragi High School nurse

Honoka Hino is the school nurse at Kisaragi High School.


Kisaragi High School's nurse. She has short orange hair in a pony tail. She is a good counselor but has a rough way of speaking. She loves cake and used to work at the hospital but sometimes assists over there. She's a very fun-loving character and cares a lot about her students, especially Hibiki Kiryu, and acts as his guardian.

Later on she questions the purpose of life and is overcome with emotions of sadness and death and believes she lied to her patients when she says that they have a purpose in life and that it will be alright. If her Silent is not removed, she will go crazy at the hospital, killing Hibiki and three others, and wounded three. When the police try to apprehend her, she will try to attack them and will be shot to death.

Game DescriptionEdit

Nurse at Kisaragi High School, short hair in a ponytail. Good counselor but [with a] somewhat rough way of speaking, like a sailor. Sometimes her mouth can be really dirty. Seriously dirty. May make weaker people cry. Secretly has a cute side, [and] likes cakes. Can be seen giving food to the fish in the aquarium in her office after school. Sometimes talks to them. Maybe lonely? Was seen going wild with beer in her hand at last year’s school festival. Wins drinking contests. Her liver…

Ran away from home to become a counselor, left her sister to take over the family shop. Goes home once a year to join festivals, though. Has been close to Hibiki Kiryu for a long time. Met while working in a hospital. Not clear whether her working at Kiryu’s school is [a] coincidence. She’s gotten much more kind and soft these few weeks. Finally realized what’s important in life. Good job.