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Shop owner (Pumpkin Witch)

Meilin is a 22-year-old Chinese woman who owns a shop called Pumpkin Witch. She becomes affectionate towards Atsuki if he manages to not annoy her. She has the ability to quickly change her Shinen, so she may or may not be a telepath.


Meilin came to Kisaragi from China alone, and opened up her store, Pumpkin Witch, in Area 3. She designs all the products in the store herself. She can change her Shinen very quickly, and sometimes tests Atsuki's ability to figure out what she's thinking.

Depending on the choices made in the game, Meilin can be very affectionate towards Atsuki, or she can be cold towards him. She has a lot of admirers. She insists that she is not a cosplayer, and that she designed her outfit herself, and worries early on that people won't come to her shop after all the hard work she put into it.

When Atsuki visits Pumpkin Witch, Meilin can tell him how certain people in Kisaragi feel about him.

Game's DescripionEdit

Wears weird clothes; maybe from her hometown? Very flashy. Is she maybe into the whole “cosplay” thing? Her ability to change her Shinen so fast is the result of hard training. She may be a telepath herself. Even so, very cute. Captures the hearts of many male customers. Very cute, with that harsh way of speaking, means some guys really like her. Wow. Her dream for the future is apparently to marry the man she loves and become a housewife. Trying really hard to make it happen.

Holes up in the back of her shop once a week to think up new products. Designs all products herself. Men love buying her stuff. She’s been taken back to China. Her shop somehow feels lonely now… I wonder where she is; what she’s doing now? It’s been reported that when she went back to China, she cried for the person she loved. What a lucky guy he must be…

Pumpkin WitchEdit

Area 3 was designed to be a business area, and holds various IT, animation, and SFX offices. The comic shop "Pumpkin Witch" is the oldest among them. Meilin Fu, owner of "Pumpkin Witch", is a girl from China. She's always loved comics & cartoons, and even learned English from cartoons. Because of that obsession she went against her family and came to America to open Pumpkin Witch, which succeeded more than expected. She now enjoys a rich, full life surrounded by cartoons.