Mr. Tamotsu Edit

He was revealed by Rui to Atsuki & Ryo when she was imitating his voice during the school's lunch time in Chapter 1.

He is the owner of a restaurant next door to Rui's Company F. He is known to have a deep and funny voice, according to Rui's imitation & Mika's reaction to it. Ryo, however, can't understand what's so funny about.

He is practically known to everyone at school, except for Ryo whom didn't know about him until being told about him by Rui in Chapter 1.

History Edit

Mr. Tamotsu set up his restaurant next to a office building that later held Rui's Company F. Rui and many other students visit him and dined at his restaurant. According to Ryo in Chapter 1, everyone but him knows him; so this suggest that all the students except him went to his restaurant, those students who went to his restaurant are familiar with Mr. Tamotsu's deep & funny voice. This is known when whenever Rui imitates his voice Mika breaks into laughter and everyone finds it amusing, only Ryo didn't find it amusing since he didn't know anything about Mr. Tamotsu.

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the known characters who didn't make an appearance, not had his mind read, and hasn't had his information added to FORT's list of personals to Atsuki.