Natsuki Venefskuja
[ Statistics ]






Parents (deceased)


Unknown (Speculated to be European)


153 cm


35 kg


Monica Rial (EN), Miinori Chihara (JP)


AI programming, mixing perfume



Natsuki Venefskuja (ナツキ・ヴェネフスカヤ) is a young girl that works for FORT.

Personal DataEdit

Natsuki is part of the FORT group known as LYNX. She works as an operator and aid to the main forces. She uses a pendant called Tristan, a Lux Pain, to see Shinen and images from far away. She has a cheerful personality but can hot tempered at times. Natsuki is in love with Atsuki Saijo and considers him her fiancee.

Powers and PersonalityEdit

Natsuki's Sigma operation gave her powers to locate Shinen and SILENT throughout a widespread area. This ability of her's is extremely powerful because she can cover at least two whole towns with ease. Her power is highly useful as Atsuki and Liu, whom are able to recognize SILENT when they encounter it, but are not able to locate it unless they are in direct contact.

Natsuki especially loves being outside but she cannot go out because she is needed to regularly locate Shinen, sometimes around the clock. She holds a very deep affection for Atsuki Saijo, even going to the point of embracing him in broad daylight on a street. However, she also has an urge to always make sure Atsuki is safe, proven when she has to stay over his house and stays up all night protecting him from anything she deems harmful to her honey.

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