Shoji Endo Edit

A 23-year old Silent infectee of Lil that was involved in Last Year's Incident.

History Edit

Last Year's Incident Edit

During Last Year's Incident, he attacked Mika and attempted to kill her as a result of being influenced by his Silent. But just before he could kill her, he was intercepted and stopped by Akira. As a result, the assailant was taken down and later arrested. Because of his M.O., he was also accused of eleven other murders that fit the same M.O.. He was later tried and convicted for all eleven murders and his attempt murder on Mika.

Episode 4: La natura dell'aurora Edit

After Akatsuki Saijo, an undercover member of FORT, has erased Akira's Silent, FORT became investigating the assailant mentioned in Akira's Shinen relating to Last Year's Incident as it was connected to how Akira got infected. It was discovered in the Level 1 Killer's Database that Shoji Endo was the one who attacked Mika and was stopped by Akira last year. They also reported who he was tried and convicted for the assault plus past eleven murders that shared a similar M.O. to it. Nola, FORT's handler, discovers that the criminal's M.O. matches to that of a S-Level Silent Infectee. However, his level of infection was low; making her concern on how bizarre and dangerous the Original Silent behind it is. Furthermore, after an interrogation of the man by undercover FORT member, it was revealed that the man only confessed to attacking Mika but claimed innocence to the other eleven murder. Though to this, FORT began furthermore investigations concerning the odd scenarios relating to the Original Silent and Last Year's Incident.

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the known characters who didn't make an appearance, not had his mind read, and hasn't had his information added to FORT's list of personals to Atsuki.