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Yayoi Kamishiro
[ Statistics ]






Parents, younger sister (Nami Kamishiro)








Monica Rial (EN), Atsuko Enomoto (JP)


High school student

Yayoi Kamishiro (神代ヤヨイ) is one of Atsuki's classmates.


Yayoi is a student at Kisaragi High School. She has long, straight auburn hair. She is often found in the school art room painting alone. Despite her calm demeanor, she is a very lonely girl that is jealous of her younger sister's personality, and wishes to be spoiled.

Game's DescriptionEdit

A junior at Kisaragi High School and Atsuki’s classmate. Long red hair, quiet. Painting in the art room alone. Purpose? [She] thought no one loved her, but that was due to Silent. Her little sister is hard to take care of. She works really hard. So pretty. Laughs and smiles more recently. Has won awards for her calligraphy. Her handwriting and art, along with her face, are all beautiful. Like a saint, she hates to see people in pain. It hurts to see her try to handle everything on her own.

She should learn to count on people. Her sister Nami has been taking candy and food from neighbors. Yayoi goes around apologizing for it. Poor girl. It’s amazing that she was able to paint that picture just from Rui’s description. She’s stronger recently. Being involved in the school takeover like that must’ve been hard. She’s so kind, trying to help her friends like that.

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