Yui Yamase
[ Statistics ]




162 cm


48 kg


Colleen Clinkenbeard (EN), Masumi Asano (JP)


Mother and sister

Yui Yamase (山瀬ユイ) is a detective on the Kisaragi police force.

Personal DataEdit

Yui is a calm and serious young woman, rarely speaking outside of her job besides whenever she's at Triple Step, or a 'bit' tipsy on whatever she's been drinking. Her only real friend is Mako Ando, though she does have various interactions with other characters throughout the game. Despite her cold outward appearance, Yui has a softer side to her that she's learned to hide from other people (except for Mako and her younger sister, Rui).

After Mako's death, Yui became very withdrawn and rarely showed emotion to anyone. She followed orders without second thoughts, whether the intention behind the orders was good, bad, or vague. Until the end of the game, Yui never really opened up again to anyone else besides her sister, though she began to try and shape her personality to be more like Mako: protective, friendly, and always following the rules.

Game's DescriptionEdit

She was talking to a coworker outside Triple Step about love. She was really drunk. Too drunk to make any sense. Really pretty. She’s a cop in Kisaragi, it seems. A detective. She looks sharp, and isn’t very friendly. Probably got the way from fending off men. Hangs out with her friend Mako Ando a lot. Two beautiful women walking around like [that] is quite a sight. Too bad they’re mean. Her little sister Rui is the exact opposite, personality wise. She can’t even cook properly without using a ruler and pen.

She became a cop like her dead father. When she was small she said she wanted to run a flower shop. Mako’s death had been really hard on her, but it seems she’s finally getting over it. Probably thanks to Aya. Recently Yui has been patrolling the city. I think she decided to help the people of the town, like Mako. She’ll do a good job protecting [them].

History Edit

Prologue Edit

She was drinking late at night with her friend, Mako. The two were drunk when they were heading home. Along the way, they bump into Atsuki Saijo. The police woman complained to the boy on his appearance late at night when he should be sleeping. Eventually, she started feeling sick as a result of drinking too much. Mako helped support her and led her back home.

Episode 6 Edit

Yui was interrogating on the arcade owner's knowledge on the people who committed suicide. The owner denied having any knowledge about knowing if they were here at his arcade or not, as he claimed he can't remember everyone faces. He further argues that he wouldn't know what they would be talking about in the Nosferatu game, which has communication system for its players to communicate. This caught Yui's attention, as she pointed out that she never mentioned anything about Nosferatu. The owner panicked and continued to claim ignorance as he told her to leave. The owner then left to continue his work.